Departure, 2014
I don’t remember that dog name. What I know, he had a deep will to pass through the window glass to join us, to be part of us,  like an human.
If you have the will to encounter my pictures, you’ll have to be human once, probably.
Havens, 2014
We all sleeps into fragile shelters Don’t be affraid to fall, structures are made for collapse. Like matches, we can burn once, but as wood we can drift to drift peaceably downstream to the new Republic. No matter what they said, troubles will come from the waters.
Time to Dance, 2014
Tip for a Jailbreak Even stuck upside down it’s always time to dance and like a big wheel, the music sounds from a mirrored turntable
Amour, 2014
With Love too see the sea You would be helpful  to put a coin on the the left to see further. But you know how  artists are generous or even egocentric. Who cares in fact? Because the fact is to show the love to see, a pretext that could be you.
The Island, 2014
From Window to Rock Alone Aiming one island to be alone Knowing how the rock is tough, just a thought
Bay Monkey, 2014
From stones to stones The time to pass a time for eat and time to go Insignificance is the causality of the desire to stay
Those Shadows of Doubts, 2014
Let’s Stay Speedy. Because of the sun in our eyes, Ignoring our past, looking for speed No matter what insignificance could let.
Leaving Car, 2014
For a beter trust to your feet From sea to concrete, rusty wall will not protect you from the path. Leave your car and DRIVE NOW!
To the Rocks With Walking Sticks, 2013
Together is better! With a little help, from a stick or a hand Go further to cross the desert as slow as possible.
Glittering Water to Concrete, 2014
Flying off the top to encounter more directions
The Tale, 2014
From Marseille with Love
Thanks to Catherine, Philippe, the motoryclist and the big wheel to allow me such happy mood.
My tale could be a starting point or an end for another serie, who never knows.
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